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  • Biographie de Henry Fielding

    Henry Fielding

    Henry FieldingNé le : 22/04/1707
    Décédé le : 08/10/1754

    Romancier, poète et dramaturge anglais (1707-1754) dont l'oeuvre exerça une influence considérable sur l'évolution du roman anglais.

    Crédit Photo
    Par Original image is from a drawing by William Hogarth Hogarth illustration, vol. III by John Ireland. Date taken: March 1798. This drawing in turn was used for a frontispiece engraving for, The Works of Henry Fielding, published in 1762 and engraved by James Basire. — Image is a frontispiece etching of Henry Fielding from a 1920 edition of The History of the Life of the Late Mr Jonathan Wild the Great and A Journey from this World to the Next., Domaine public, Lien