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    Wallace Stevens

    Wallace StevensNé le : 02/10/1879
    Décédé le : 02/08/1955

    Poète américain (1879-1955), précurseur majeur de la poésie moderne américaine.

    Crédit Photo
    Par Sylvia Salmi. For countries that base the length of a copyright term on the date of the author's death and do not use the rule of the shorter term: According to lakechapalaartists.com, Sylvia Salmi died in 1977. This means that, for example, in countries without the rule of the shorter term and a copyright term of 50 p.m.a. (including Canada), the photo will not be in the public domain until January 1, 2028 (the beginning of the 51st year after 1977). - Scan of the portrait sourced from the article "Wallace Stevens Documentary At Twain House" (June 17, 2016) at the Hartford Courant (direct link to jpg). Cropped from the original to match what is seen on the cover of Collected Poems. Lightly retouched by uploader to adjust exposure and to remove smudges, scratches, etc. The upload history includes the portrait as it appears on Collected Poems (to demonstrate that the crop matches the book cover), the unretouched but cropped version of the high-res photo, and the retouched version., Public Domain, Lien